Production Quality in Pharmaceutical Processes

Production Quality in Pharmaceutical Processes


Pharmaceutical manufacturing is the process of industrial-scale synthesis of pharmaceutical drugs. The different processes are complex and difficult to control.

In this project we support all medical partners to increase quality and efficiency in their production processes. Ideally, as many partners as possible are brought together to jointly search for solutions and introduce them to themselves. Under the leadership of competent specialists, individual progress is made at each partner and then prepared for the project participants. Main goal is to save expenses and increase efficiency while increasing production quality.

Project Execution:

The basic idea for this collaboration is to …

  • … to record and exchange the upcoming challenges and successful solution approaches among the project partners,
  • … to compile solution options for the most urgent difficulties of the partners and
  • … to make the knowledge available to all partners via Insights-Events and individual workshops.

Individual workshops will be held with each partner of the consortium project at regular intervals. The following points will be addressed:

  • Survey of the current status of ongoing and discussion of planned production projects,
  • Identification of improvement potentials and presentation of new solution options and
  • Derivation of an action plan.

During the year, open questions are taken up in adhoc meetings. All partners together discuss the direction of the project and the biggest challenges in 2-4 digital Insights events per year.


The result will be, on the one hand, a growing exchange circle of like-minded experts and, on the other hand, a collection of practical approaches to solutions. It is the hope that through close cooperation and the introduction of coordinated solution approaches, we will be able to successfully realize strong savings.

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